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28 May 2014
Sweetmoon. Special Gift from Jakarta!

Sweetmoon is Special gift from Jakarta! 

If you associate Sweetmoon with Tokyo Banana, we can say that you are right! 

Because Sweetmoon and Tokyo Banana made with the same method, procedure, technology and off course with the same passion. Sweetmoon production facility was arranged by experts as to Tokyo Banana production facility. If Japan has Tokyo Banana, Indonesia has Sweetmoon. 

The Past and Present...
In the past, steam cake was made in traditional way.
But because it felt a bit rough when enjoyed, the cake is hard to swallow, like Huat Kue, kue melayu cakes and the like.   

Over time as technology developed, the process of making steam cake was performed with the use of oven, where the taste and
texture of the steam cake will be more tender, fragrant and in many flavors. 

Now we present new process of making steam cake with the use modern technology from Japan, along with the expertise, experience and knowledge of our Master Baker to produce steam cake with quality, softness and delicacy.   

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